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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 18, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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lewandowski. greta is up next "on the record."ttttttttttttttttttttttt kelly file." and welcome to the special edition of hannity jihad in america. now tonight for the entire hour we'll examine the growing threat of radical islam right here in the u.s. now, the orlando terror attack is only the latest example of how radical islamists will want to destroy your freedom and your way of life. let's take a look. and we've just got word of not one, but two explosions near the finish line at the boston
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marathon. >> we have someone attacking someone in the building. >> tonight, "terror in the heartland." the fbi is investigating a brutal beheading in oklahoma, after the suspect's co-workers revealed he had been trying to convert them to islam. >> the first victim -- he did cut off her head. >> the suspect, mohammed abdul aziz, you are looking right at the man accused of killing four u.s. marines right there on american soil. >> we are treating this as a domestic act of terror. >> gunshots, gunshots. >> shots fired. >> we are 14 people that are confirmed dead in this incident. >> the fbi will not rule out terrorism as a possible motive
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in today's deadly shooting rampage rampage. >> oh, my god. >> we have shots fired. they request you stay back, don't enter the scene. >> shots fired inside the orlando nightclub. >> we know enough to say that this was an act of terror. and an act of hate. >> now, unfortunately those terror attacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the threat that isis poses to america. now the numbers are just shocking, according to the fbi there are isis-related cases in all 50 states now over a thousand investigations. now, since 2014, 90 people have been charged under federal law in isis-related cases and five of those people have been convicted by juries.
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in that same time frame, there were 20 isis-linked plots to hit america. now many are traveling to join the islamic states. and 300 americans or u.s.-based individuals are spreading isis propaganda on line or are engaging with isis-aligned people on social media. here with us tonight, ali fares, and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. all right, we have 94 americans, colonel, 94 americans on american soil killed since 911. our department of homeland security bans the word sharia, those same people say the right-wingers pose a threat. the department of homeland security thinks that guns are a
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security issue. now in the same time the u.s. has re-settled nearly a quarter of migrants who execute gays and lesbians, over-stay their visas, almost never get caught according to homeland security. and in orlando, the muslim population has grown ten-fold in the past ten years. is this a problem we're not paying attention to? >> well, we're certainly not paying sufficient attention to any of the problems we've cited. and you cited the bans in our government and the military, using terms such as jihad, islam is terror. that is censorship, double speak and actually hampers our efforts. but i'll tell you, shawn, we just need to get serious and what we absolutely must do is stop focusing only on individuals. we have to do that. the gorilla swims in the sea of the people, the terrorist hides in the swamp of the people.
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we need to not just go after individuals, we need to crack down on the hate mosques, the ones who preach hatred, sedition, anti-semitism. if they're not citizens get them out. we absolutely need to crack down on these websites and chat rooms that we 100% know that they are inspiring americans to kill americans. >> ali farris, thoughts? >> well, look, this is not one attack. six bloody attacks so far by jihad-linked individuals and groups. not six attacks only, 60 attempts in the past few years. the heads of the department and fbi and others conclude that we are facing up to 50 activities in 50 states. it's not that we are at war with the jihadists, they are at war with us. my concern is that the penetration of jihadists, not
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just over the past ten years. it has been happening since the late '60s. >> oh, 100%. >> waves of muslim brotherhood have been moving, and this is the infrastructure creating the pool. >> and the head of the muslim brotherhood got from president obama, mohammed morsi referred to jews as coming from apes and pigs, we give iran $150 billion. but i want to share with you a political question. and bear with me, if you may, hillary clinton has been bought and paid for by countries that abuse the rights of women, gays, lesbians, christians, and jews. we'll put up on the screen as we talk about this, dr. peters, i'm talking about saudi arabia and kuwait and the uaoe and qatar,
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how they treat gays and lesbians. she has taken millions from these countries. how can she claim the mantle of a champion of these people, and take money from the countries that abuse these people? >> well, truth does not matter to anybody named clinton. money and power does. in obama's case, it's about the left-wing ideology, and his romanticization association of islam. she sold out -- in bloody money, and what i pathetic, shawn, they not only sold out but in the great scheme of things, they sold out cheaply. >> all right, but why do women and gays and lesbians support
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her? donald trump didn't take money from these organizations. he has the courage to say we're not going to take money from these countries because of the horrible practice against minorities. walid? >> well, of course what concerns me is the huge amount of donations coming to the country, that has to be taken into consideration. and what concerns me, the policy of backing these islamic militias, in tunisia, backing the muslim brotherhood regime. and we know what they're doing -- >> they created a vacuum for isis in syria, they created the vacuum for the emergence in iraq and syria, and give money to the battle field. and give money to the former
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muslim brotherhood president, morsi, and how could you be so wrong? >> well, you can if you're purely selfish. obama is an idealogue, clinton is purely selfish. what concerns me is the lack of integrity and the willingness to abandon persecuted groups, such as again, the christians in the middle east. and the obama administration watched as 2,000 years of christianity in the middle east has all but been eradicated, and none of them care. dr. phares and i agree, this has been a betrayal are not only the american values, but of christianity, of judaism and of civilization. >> all right, thank you both for joining us as we get started on this special edition of hannity coming up next.
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>> there is no magic to the phrase, it's a political talking point. lashing out at his failed strange to fight isis. we have to stop on a temporary basis, at least, but we have to stop people from pouring into our country. we have to stop it. and the aftermath of the orlando terror attack, donald trump, he blasts the plans to let even more syrian refugees into the country, especially because our intelligence officials are warning that isis will infiltrate that population. that and more on the special edition of hannity, jihad in america, continues. before i had the shooting,
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i'm patricia stark. back to fox news. for a while now, the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against isol is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase "radical islam." we now have proposes from the presumptive nominee for the president of the united states, to bar all muslims from emigr e emigrating to america. and if we fall into the trap of
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painting all muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion then we are doing the terrorist work for them. >> mr. president, nobody said we are at war with all of them. and furthermore, donald trump is talking about a temporary ban because he is listening to your officials that you're ignoring. welcome back to fox news, chastising those who criticized him for refusing to use the word "radical islam." but for him to refuse to use those words, is he putting you and your family at risk? joining me, fox news national security analyst, k.t. mcfarland. i want to examine this president as it relates to christianity, judaism and islam. now nicholas kristoff talked
2:16 am
about the time obama was in jakarta at a muslim school and he said the following, he said mr. obama recalled the opening lines of the arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent, in a remark that seemed unqualitied. quoting it will give the alabama voters a heart attack. mr. obama called the call to prayer one of the prettiest calls at sunset. let's call his words against christianity. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. isol is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocents. and the vast majority of isol's victims have been muslim. on easter, i do reflect that as a christian, i'm supposed to love. and i have to say that sometimes when i have listened to left and
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loving expressions by christians -- i get concerned. >> all right, doctor, i'll start with you. it seems the president will tread every single solitary needle to praise islam and make historical statements that are fa factually inaccurate. and by the way, the crusades
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they can use the precursor ideas when they are non-violent and anti-american. >> you also pointed out that so many muslims are victims, they are intimidated into silences, because they will be viewed as a
2:19 am
postate, and the penalty of that is death. we just ran all the connections and money that hillary gets from these countries that persecute women and gays and lesbians and christians and jews. they take this money and buy her silence. but more importantly, hillary and obama created the opening for isis in iraq and syria, released gitmo detainees, they give mohammed morsi, a very anti-semitic muslim head, they give him tanks and iran $150 billion. he is on the wrong side every time. she is on the wrong side every time, why? >> she is taking blood money. >> that is blood money. >> uh-huh. that is blood money because she is using that to further her political ambitions.
2:20 am
to pay for her campaign so that she can become president of the united states and do what? protect the american people. in fact, with the political correctness and a refusal to say those words. >> why is it important to say those words? >> it's important for two reasons, because one, he doesn't say those words he says just the opposite. every time there is an attack or an incident, he says we really regret this loss of life. and by the way, we can't criticize the islamophobia, so what it does is send a message. >> we had the creator of the dhs on the program last night and tells the story how he literally was told to scrub -- dr. jasser, scrub the names of muslims who
2:21 am
patriots that would die for theocracy, like those of us who would die for liberty and
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freshmen. we have to stop on a temporary basis at least, we have to stop people from pouring into our country. we have to stop it. >> so in the wake of the terror attack, donald trump, he slams the idea of waking up syrian refugees. and later tonight. i will put a team together from across the government, the entire government as well as the private sector. and communities, to get on top of this urgent challenge. >> as president, i will give our intelligence communities, law enforcement and military the tools they need to prevent terrorist attacks. >> donald trump, hillary clinton offering very different views on how to fight isis. we'll check in with monica crowell and juan williams. they will be here with more on the special e ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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and welcome back to this special edition of hannity, jihad in america. now, donald trump continues to call for a temporary ban of syrian refugees coming to america. watch this. >> we have to stop on a temporary basis, at least. but we have to stop people from pouring into our country. we have to stop it. until we find out what the hell is going on. >> it's common sense, you're letting people in from syria, they have no documentation, you don't know where they're coming from, really. this could be the ultimate trojan horse. >> and they have been warning us that isis will infiltrate the syrian refugee population. listen to this. >> will that bring the syrian refugees, posing a greater risk to americans? >> it's clearly a of
2:26 am
concern. >> the lack of footprint on the ground in syria, they will not have the information they need. so it's not that there is a lack of process, there is a lack of information. >> they will not put it past the likes of them to infiltrate the operati operatives. >> we can only question that against which we have collected. so if somebody has never made a ripple in the pond in supervision that would give their identity or interests reflected in the data base, nothing would show up. we have no record on that person. >> they would be conscious of the potential, the attempts made to imbed agents within that population. >> here now with reaction from act for america, a national security foreign policy expert and analyst. welcome both of you. ari, let me talk with you.
2:27 am
we just heard from our top national security advisers, our director of national intelligence, james clapper. we just heard from fbi director comey, assistant director steinbeck, and general allen. they all said the same thing, as has happened in belgium and france isis stated publicly they will infiltrate the refugee population to get to americans. until we can vet them properly, we should not let them in. we could take care of them. food, beds, cots, baby formula, whatever they need. but not in america. tell me why you would be willing to gamble with the lives of americans. >> well, let me answer the question in two prongs. first of all the refugees that come to europe and u.s., two
2:28 am
completely different populations. wait a minute, if you let me answer. >> you just heard from top american officials who all said the -- >> you don't want to hear an answer. >> they said they would be infiltrated by isis, why would you gamble with the lives of americans, answer? >> refugees have to go through a state department interview, department of homeland security and department of defense interview. it takes about two years for them to get here. >> no, that is not true. under obama, that is not true. it's a three-month process. >> we started the process two years ago, that is not true, shawn. >> i ask you this, let's say it's an isis-trained member going through the interview and he has been trained by his fellow terrorists how to deal with the interview. how do you ascertain who comes here for genuine relief from a civil war versus those that want to bring harm to america. how do you ascertain definitively what is in their
2:29 am
heart? how do you do that? >> and that is exactly -- >> how do you do that? >> you know, i'm a secular scotch-collecting, wine-drinking america. my america doesn't start religious wars. >> the common distractions, stay on point and focus. how do you ascertain if a syrian refugee is -- has isis -- an isis mindset or if they really want freedom, how can you tell and is it possible to tell? >> and you can't do this. and this demagoguery against immigrants -- far right -- >> the racist far right. >> so our counterintelligence officials and isis -- sir, it's not your turn. they have tell us that isis will infiltrate this population and this guy is willing to gamble with the lives of our fellow americans, i'm not willing to do that. >> we're not willing to do that. isis has already infiltrated the
2:30 am
syrian population that came to europe. isis already came out and said we put 4,000 operatives already in the refugee population. we know that the refugees that are going to be imported to america will be imported out of u.n. camps so we don't know exactly who is going to come to america. the only difference is we don't know if their names are real or not, whether their passports are real or not, whether they have fake identities and whether they're isis operatives and there is no way we can vet them. plus, we can put them in neighboring countries who can take care of them. who said in our constitution we're supposed to take terrorists or syrians who are infiltrated by terrorists and bring them to america? >> let me ask you this, isn't it part of isis strategy to teach and indoctrinate those who are trained, to get past the vetting process? >> yes, it is part of their training.
2:31 am
isis is so sophisticated in their training, but the way they train their operatives to lie, deceive, blend, already, they are in germany. >> and they're giving talking points. appreciate it, i don't think we should gamble with the lives of american people and i don't think we should. and up next, the special edition of hannity. i will put a team together from across our government, the entire government, as well as the private sector and communities to get on top of this urgent challenge. as president, i will give our intelligence community, law enforcement, and military the tools they need to prevent terrorist attacks. >> donald trump, hillary clinton have completely different plans on how to defeat isis. monica crowell, juan williams, will be here with reaction. and later tonight in the wake of the terror attack, do
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condemns the decision. i'm patricia stark, now back to hannity. i will put a team together from across our government the entire government, as well as the private sector, and communities. to get on top of this urgent challenge. >> as president i will give our intelligence community, law enforcement and military the tools they need to prevent terrorist attackins. as president, i will make stopping the lone wolves a top priority. i will have the attorney general, the director of national intelligence and the secretary of defense who will know how to fight the war on radical islamic terrorism. as president i will work with our great tech companies from silicon valley to boston to step up our game. >> when it comes to radical islamic terrorism, ignorance is not bliss.
2:39 am
it's deadly. totally deadly. and welcome back to this special edition of hannity, jihad in america. that was hillary clinton and donald trump explaining how they would defeat isis if elected president. for y now clearly, there is a lot at stake in november. here with us, the founders of we, the people. i love this book, it even has conservatives in it, juan williams, fox news contributor, our friend monica crowell.
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the real dirty part is she claims she's a champion of all these minority rights and minorities are persecuted. in these countries she takes millions from.
2:45 am
she has sold out. >> do you remember when mayor giuliani and money was coming in from a terror state and he sent it back. >> i see george w. bush holding hands with saudis. >> excuse me if i'm not interested in eight years ago. >> their involvement implicated in nech. >> release the documents. put them up. >> who was hiding the documents? how was this -- >> obama hasn't released them. >> you checked me a moment ago. >> yes, sir. >> you said this was a -- >> glad you admitted it. >> it's about the united states doing business. >> let me say it again. >> hillary clinton has taken money from countries that abuse and persecute women, gays, lesbians, christians and jews. she sold out. she cannot be the champion of those people's rights and take that money and sell out. >> the united states government which stands for freedom, individual protection. >> i got to go. >> we should -- >> coming up, the muslims and
2:46 am
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" do muslim leaders need to do more to combat the rise of radical islam? so let me ask you, imam, in united arab emirates, in algeria, persecution of gays, lesbians, christians and jews is basically common day. every day. so you're a muslim. do you think that it's time for the muslim test ought to be religious tolerance? and saudi arabia should allow the building of a temple for christian church? >> there have been talking about saudi arabia for a long, long
2:52 am
time. >> i ask you a question sir. i don't have time to mess around here. do people like you have a responsibility to say stop oppressing women, gays, lesbians, christians and jews? >> we're doing our responsibility in maximum way. i want you to join us this fight, fight radicalism and fighting islama phobia, and injustice. yes, of course. >> they persecute these people. we're talking against all of them all of the time. >> do you condemn it? >> of course i condemn saudi arabia. >> and united arab emirates, and algeria? >> i condemn those supporting terrorism in iraq, in afghanistan, in beirut, everywhere. of course i condemn that.
2:53 am
sean, my question from you, are you on the same page? could you? >> let me ask pastor a question. pastor. you see the persecution of women is so common place in the arab world. no tolerance for christians or judaism. why is there so little in terms of discussion? why do people like hillary clinton accept millions of dollars from these countries and never talk about them? or talk about practices and discrimination? >> they're shackled by political correctness. if this had been a fundamentalist christian who committed this massacre in orlando, we'd have heard lectures from the president of the united states. whether talking about paris, brussels, san bernardino orla o orlando, these were not committed by militant methodists
2:54 am
but militant muslims. i ask the audience, when is the last time you heard a terrorist doing this i am doing this in the name of jesus christ, my lord? netanyahu says it doesn't matter who it is, islam teaches hatred. it hates christians, jews. >> that is nonsense. that is nonsense. that is a big lie. that is nonsense. >> that is history. >> that is nonsense. that is not true. [ talking over one another ]. >> thank you both. >> thank you both. coming up, more information mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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come on! nope! now, members get more savings with your rate at welcome back to this special edition of "hannity". unfortunately that is all the time we have left. it's been a tough week for the people of orlando. they're in our thoughts and prayers. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thanks for being with us and have a great night. [national anthem]
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♪ [national anthem] hey, friends, good morning. it's saturday, the 18th 6 june, 2016. i'm anna kooiman, this is "fox & friends." brand new pressure on the family of omar mateen, including his wife as new details reveal what really went down in the weeks leading down that dreadful attack. >> donald trump says it's easy to stop the next terror attack. >> if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist and this son of a [bleep] comes out and starts shooting. [cheers and applause] and one of the people in that room happen to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been have a